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10 Best potting soil for herbs ( Complete Guide)

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Best potting soil for herbs, Potting soil is a medium in which plants, herbs, and vegetables can grow well. It can also be called a miracle soil or potting mix.

Sometimes, the problem occurs when beautiful and fascinating plants do not grow well in the garden or home. This happens because of bad potting compost or soil. Bad potting soil does not provide essential nutrients to the herbs. It prevents the plants from growing an unhealthy system of roots. So, it is very important to figure out that which kind of soil is best for plants or herbs to grow.

Type of soil

The type of soil varies from area to area and different herbs share specific requirements in common. Well-drained soil should be selected which does not lose moisture and essential nutrients. Sheltered location but a sunny site needs to be selected to grow a herb. Aged animal manures, as well as peat moss, can be added to the soil to improve its quality. Slightly acidic soil can be tolerated by many herbs but the best pH level is neutral to alkaline i-e; 6 to 7.5. You can add some lime to raise the pH of the soil to make it less acidic. On the other hand, elemental sulfur can be added if you think to lower the pH of soil. Rosemary, basil, coriander, sage, thyme-like herbs can grow well in coastal gardens.

The best choice is the container herbs as they have very limited growing space. They can be grown both indoor and outdoor or you can put them on your patios. Easy to grow and the herbs that are resistant to drought are the best choice. Such herbs include thyme, chives, rosemary, lemon balm, dill, oregano as well as sorrel.

Planting a herb:

  • Fill the pot up to 1 inch below the edge.
  • Use the potting mix that is recommended to make sure it drains well and also contains all the essential ingredients that a herb needs.
  • If you want to plant seeds, place them deep in the soil.
  • With the help of your finger dig holes into the soil and place 5 seeds in each hole.
  • Cover the seeds.
  • Now water the soil and when the level of water goesdown, add more water. Keep adding the water until the level teachers 1 inch below the rim.

Essentials of a potting mix:

  • Potting soil can be peat moss-based or coconut coir-based.
  • Sand, grit, perlite, as well as vermiculite, are some additional ingredients of a potting mix. Sand helps the miracle mix in retaining an unneeded amount of water. This avoids damages to the roots of plants.
  • Fertilizer is generally not added or is added in a very small amount. It is used for larger plants.
  • A very little or no soil is used in miracle soil or potting mix because it becomes too heavy for growing herbs or houseplants.
  • Animal manure and compostarealso added to a potting mix.

Pot gardening can be very useful when you wish to move the greens into the house or you want to control the quality of desired soil. If you want to grow all year-round herbs and there is less space in your house, then you can grow them in a pot.

Sterilized potting soil:

Potting soil can attract insects e.g fungus gnat. So, commercial potting mix is sterilized to avoid the spread of unwanted weeds and plant-related diseases. Commercial potting mix can be reused. But such soil should be free from remnants of roots, fungus, and insects so that it becomeshealthy to be used again.

Keep the pot or container in an area where the herb gets six hours of sunlight daily.

Choosing the best potting soil for herbs:

potting soil for herbs
  1. Ingredients: You should choose a potting mix that has a variety of nutrients for herbs and vegetables. All the ingredients are written on the bag of the potting mix. You must go through it before purchasing. Avoid purchasing the mix that is labeled as a ‘fertilizer’. Such potting mix will not provide all the necessary nutrients to your herbs that are required for healthy growth.
  2. Organic or non-organic soil: Potting soils are classified into two categories i-e; organic & non-organic potting soil. The organic potting mix does not contain genetically engineered chemicals as well as pesticides. So, this potting soil is preferred over the other. Natural ingredients that are present in organic soil are capable of providing all the essential nutrients to the plants allowing them to flourish and grow. Nonorganic soil can still work best but not better than organic soil.
  3. Nutrient and retention of moisture: When you are checking for organic soil or nonorganic soil, check the description of the product carefully. Check the list of ingredients to know if the product can retain essential nutrients as well as moisture to the growth of plants. Peat moss in the soil can retain both nutrients as well as moisture.

Watering the greens in a container or a pot is very different as compared to watering them in the soil directly. Garden soil is denser as compared to potting soil and holds more water. The pot or a container restricts the amount of soil to hold water. Too much or too little water can kill your greens. So, you should not keep the soil wet but keep it moist.

The required depth of soil for herbs:

The depth of soil is different for each herb. Some of the herbs require atleast 6 to 8 inches of depth of soil.

  • Chives need a depth of 3 inches.
  • Oregano needs a depth of six inches.
  • Six inches depth is required for thyme.
  • Basil needs to be placed at the depth of 8 inches.

Best potting mixes that can be used:

Here we are going to mention some of the best potting mixes that you must use while potting a herb.

Horticulture Charcoal, 100 % All Natural Hardwood Charcoal, Charcoal for Soil Amendment, Orchids, Terrariums, and Gardening

This product is manufactured by a brand ‘Soil Sunrise’ and is very easy to use and is used in porting orchids.

  • It is 100% natural without any additives.
  • It does not contain any type of chemicals in it, hence it can be used as such. This charcoal is used in the soil because it can retain essential nutrients of the soil.
  • You can also use to plant succulents in a pot or a container having no holes. It helps to keep the water clean for root-cutting purposes

BurpeePremium Organic Potting Mix-9 Quart

This product is made from unique ingredients and is very suitable for container or pot gardening.

  • It can provide slow-release food for plants and feeds them quickly. But this product is not recommended for plants that are thriving in dry soil.
  • All the essentials like nitrogen, phosphate, potassium are present and are formulated with coconut coir.
  • It helps to retain the moisture of the soil.
  • This potting mix can be used for both outdoor and indoor growing greens.

Black Gold 1302040 Organic Potting Soil – Best Choice

Black gold organic potting mix is made in the United States. It is a premium quality potting mix that is certified by Organic Materials Review Institute.

  • It can be used for both outdoor and indoor growing plants.
  • It is enriched with organic fertilizer, pumice, perlite as well as earthworm castings.
  • Vegetables and herbs can have optimum pore as well as the perfect space for the circulation of air.
  • It is very essential for the proper and healthy growth of your greens.

Back to the Roots organic mini mushroom grow kit – the best choice

This kit is made in the United States of America. The organic mini mushroom grows kit is a 100 % organic product as it allows you to grow your plants all year round.

  • Each box can grow 2 crops of mushrooms.
  • You just need to place the growing kit in indirect light and you will notice the beautiful mushrooms growing in a week.
  • This kit also has an instruction booklet, you must go through it before using it.
  • The kit does not contain any type of intoxicant that can hinder the growth of your plant.
  • It is very easy and convenient to use.

Soil mixture for indoor herb planters – specially blended for planting and growing indoor kitchen herbs

It is a 4-quart bag with all-natural ingredients and is specially made to help you grow indoor herbs.

  • This potting mix contains fertilizer, perlite, worm castings as well as lime.
  • Soil mixture for indoor herb planters encourages the healthy growth of plants.
  • It works efficiently for kitchen herbs that are grown usually in small pots or containers.

Organic potting mix by perfect plants for all plant types – 8 qt

This 100% organic potting mix is specially made for edible plants including fruits as well as vegetables.

  • It is enriched with mycorrhizae which aid the growth of roots and flushes the harmful bacteria.
  • This potting mix is very easy to handle and convenient to use.

Organic Harvest Potting Mix Soil for vegetable, herbs, and flowers – 4 qt

This special Potting mix is made from organic as well as recycled ingredients.

  • Peat moss, wood shavings, perlite as well as green waste are the special ingredients of this product.
  • It can be used to remove unwanted weeds and is very safe to use.

Useful Universe Organic Potting Mix – soil for herbs, vegetables, and flowers

This product is a key to fascinating and bountiful flowers and vegetables that are grown in pots or containers.

  • It can be used for both outdoor and indoor plants.
  • It has the ability to anchorage the system of roots and proper drainage as well as it allows the flow of air for healthy growing plants.

Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food, Vegetables as well as herbs

  • It includes natural ingredients and feeds quickly to promote beautiful results.
  • It can be used for growing tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, peppers, and carrots.

Miracle-GroIndoor Potting mix

This product can be used for a variety of plants that are grown in a container of pots.

  • It is a coconut coir-based indoor potting mix.
  • It can hold or release water as well as helps the soil to get re-wet easily.


The best thing you can do is to start a successful herb garden in a pot or container. Potted plants require well-drained soil and let the roots grow easily and freely. Do not use a potting mix that is rich in fertilizer. A small quantity of fertilizer can be used.To buy a good potting mix, check the essential ingredients mentioned in the bag. Choose the best mix that can provide your herb the right amount of moisture and essential organic materials that are needed for healthy growth. Do not use any old potting soil.

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